Saturday, September 9, 2017

Meet the star of Legacy the movie...NASMEYEA!

You have such an interesting and unique name does it have a special meaning?
Nasmeyea is a lebanese decent name which means caring in Arabic. 

So where are you originally from and what is your nationality?
 I was born in Newcastle, England . I was raised in Washington D.C. but grew up in Euless, TX. 
Where and what Schools did you attend? 
 I graduated high school from L D Bell . I received my Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology from UT Arlington.

One of the first things fans noticed about you is your very fit and toned body. How much do you Exercise and how much is fitness important to you and your career?
Well I've always been an athlete . I grew up competing in almost every sport . I specialized in track and field through high school and college . I ran summer track keeping me active year round . Since graduating from college I work at a facility in Dallas,Tx , which gives me anytime access . My career is built upon fitness and it has become a lifestyle to me. 

How long have you been Acting and is this something you intend to do more of?
This is my first comic book film . I do a lot of modeling and have been featured in music videos. With that being said, this is definitely not the last you will be seeing of me. 
What are some of your favorite Hobbies?
 I enjoy listening to different kinds of music , wine tasting with friends, and trying out different foods . I enjoy traveling , keeping my YouTube channel at the top , modeling and networking.

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What are some of your other talents that you have?
I hold 5 different titles both the 100& 400 meter hurdles. When I'm not modeling I do hair and make up for projects. Currently my modeling career is taking off including fitness, high fashion & runway.
Are you a fan of Comics and if so what comics have you read?
I had a strong passion for anime comics back when I was in high school ...

What do you think about the THROWD comic series created by Erik Reeves that Legacy -the movie is based on?
I think the plot is perfect for feminist empowerment. The comic is also highlighting the strength in ambitious women after their goals . I'm so excited to bring the comic to life and show my "Zasha" side.

What do you look to bring to your performance as Zasha Brown the heroine from the THROWD comic?
I want to display the strength , charisma & passion behind a women that feels at rock bottom who is looking to turn the next page into a new chapter . 
How did you get involved with the Legacy film project?
 The director of the movie is a mutual friend of my old summer track coach who also does photography . I did a fitness photo shoot with my old coach and he sent the pictures to the director, who made contact with me and the rest is history . 

Where can your fans continue to support you and follow you online? 
My fans can support me by keeping up to date throughout the process of this film . My social medias are ....
Snapchat : Prettyyyella
Instagram : Mollybazzy
YouTube : MeyeaMolly
Facebook : Meyea Molly

You can check out the Legacy trailer below....
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

THROWD:Most Wanted page 04 posted!

 An explosion in the Hotel district of South Peterson Grove is never good find out what happens next in our
THROWD:MOST WANTED web series exclusively on Patreon.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

300 Suspects, Witnesses and Followers!

Wow! This is fantastic! Due to my busy schedule I have not been able to do more of my THROWD comic series but I have been publishing the THROWD:MOST WANTED web series on my Patreon page for now and I think its very cool to see all of the New followers on the THROWD twitter page.
300 Suspects, Witnesses and Followers!
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